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About Us

Nanjing QUITTS Translation Co., Ltd is a Nanjing based company that offers professional translation services internationally in 60+ languages, specializing in translation is approved and registered by Nanjing Administration of Industry and Commerce. Cooperated with well-known British engineering and quality linguistician, Mr. Colynn Burrell, QUITTS Translation is an international translation agency.
QUITTS Translation will handle almost any file type and language, including industrial engineering, trade, business planning, technical specification, laws and regulations, business letters, cultures & arts, and personal data, etc. QUITTS Translation now bosoms a throng of professional translators, reviewers and over 1000 freelancers from various industries and commitment, thus we are an able provider with 60+ languages and over 100 professions to basically cover quite a many industries and trades in both translation/interpretation services, foreign language type-setting, simultaneous interpretation and other serial service. If you need interpreters for meetings, presentations or exhibitions, QUITTS Translation has a pool of experienced professionals in many languages, who offer a wide variety of subject expertise.
Read about some of the work that has been carried out recently by the QUITTS Translation team, and the creative solutions that we have employed in projects for the NHS, training companies & international businesses.
Discover more information about who we are, what we do and some of our specialist subjects. Also, put a face to the voice on the phone. 
Please contact QUITTS Translation to discuss the requirements for your translation project, or for general information about our services.
If you need a professional interpreter urgently then call us. Whatever the language, wherever you are, our professional interpreters can help you.
Whatever language you need interpreting for we can provide a service that suits you.

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